Custom Catering

Custom casual catering for any occasion ... from an intimate dinner for two to a backyard bash for 400

Signature Dishes

Signature dishes include center-cut boneless pork loin and marinated chicken cutlets. Just to name a few.

Banquet Room Rental

Offers seating up to 160 comfortably with room for a band and dancing!

Signature Dishes

Our signature dishes will not disappoint!

Center-cut Boneless Pork Loin This succulent, premium cut of pork is rubbed with our own spice blend. Then we slow roast it to perfection. We slice it in any thickness to suit your preference. Fore Quarter Filet of Beef This relatively new-found cut rivals tenderloin at a fraction of the cost. Available in a variety of presentations. It is a guaranteed hit! Marinated Chicken Cutlets We start with the best cuts of all-white meat available. Then we pound and marinate them to make them extra tender and explosively flavorful. Meatballs in Mushroom Wine Sauce These bite-sized spheres of ground meat are blanketed with a rich brown sauce that is a blend of seasonings, mushrooms and wine. Pot Roast in a Biscuit Cup Truly a salute to comfort food. Good old-fashioned pot roast – just like grandma made – but put into a crisp and flaky biscuit cup. Perfect for eating as finger food or plated for knife and fork. This is just good-old down-home stuff! Signature Subs These sub sandwiches will make you want to eat your words! Our bread is braided, formed and fresh baked into any letter or number to spell names, dates, numbers, etc. Each individual letter or number can be made into a different kind of sub — choose your favorite deli meats and cheeses; tuna or chicken salad; vegetarian and more!


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